Cages are an essential part of bearing performance, which is why we choose to custom machine them at our site in Kürnach, Germany.

The cage separates the balls to prevent them coming into contact and thus ensuring an even load distribution within the bearing. HQW bearings have a window cage made of fabric rein-forced phenolic as standard.

If required, cages can also be produced from high-performance plastics such as PEEK or Torlon®. These materials are used on account of their low weight,their corrosion resistance and low friction

The low friction properties result in reduced wear and less heat generation, which make the bearings more suited to higher speeds whilst prolonging grease service life.

Advantages of Machined Window Cages compared with Molded and Steel Cages
  • High Precision
  • Larger choice of materials
  • Flexible designs which can be manufactured quickly
  • Economic production of small to medium batches
  • Longer lifetime
  • High speeds