Non-magnetic metal options are typically martensitic steels which do not reach minimum hardness levels for most bearing applicatons and are only suitable for low loads and speeds. To address this, HQW has introduced a range of bearings produced from fully non-magnetic steel which can reach minimum hardness levels of 60HRC.
    Advantages of HQW Non-Magnetic Bearings:
    • Support much higher speeds and loads than martensitic, non-magnetic steel bearings
    • Extremely high corrosion resistance (better than high nitrogen steels such as SV30)
    • Their thermal expansion coefficient equals standard steel bearings, allowing press fitting without risk of damage
    • Non-magnetic components, including ceramic balls, plastic cages and optional plastic seals, can be incorporated for 100% non-magnetic bearings
    • Tolerances to ABEC9/ISO P2
    Typical Applications:
    • Medical scanners, eg. MRI/CT
    • Semiconducter equipment
    • Vacuum technology
    • Space environment applications
    • Magnetometers
    • Electron beam process
    • LCD manufacture
    • Medical implants
    • Aerospace & defence

    Non-Magnetic Bearings - Magnet

    Fully non-magnetic bearings incorporate plastic cages and ceramic balls


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