HQW hybrid spindle bearings are used to meet the requirements of particularly demanding applications. The inner ring and outer ring are made of stainless steel whilst the balls are ceramic (silicon nitride). Hybrid spindle bearings can be recognised by the letters “HYQ” in their part number.

By using hybrid bearings, attainable speeds can be increased by up to 50%, as seen in the figure below. A significantly higher lifetime can be achieved in applications where there is insufficient lubrication.


Advantages of Hybrid Bearings

• Significantly higher lifetime and grease service life.
• Increase in running speeds by up to 50%.
• Higher media and corrosion resistance.
• Electrically non-conductive.
• Non-magnetic balls.
• Continued operation even with emergency running properties.
• Lower friction coefficient.
• Lower heat generation.

Please contact our bearing specialists for more information on how hybrid bearings could improve performance in your particular application.