Deep Groove ball bearings are the most common bearings and are used to reduce friction between rotating and fixed parts.

A deep groove ball bearing consists of an inner ring, outer ring, balls, a cage which has the task to keep a certain distance between the balls and possibly seals or covers.

  • Rings – Rings are typically made from corrosion-resistant, martensitic steel alloys.
  • Cages – Stainless steel ribbon cages are used as standard. For special applications, special plastic materials can be used.
  • Seals – HQW deep groove bearings are available in both sealed and open configurations.
  • Balls – Balls are usually made from stainless steel (X65Cr13). However ceramic balls (silicon nitride) are available for demanding applications.
  • Lubricants – Around 300 different types of grease and oils are available depending on application requirements.

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