HQW Precision is a specialist in the manufacture of bearings for machine tool spindles (also called spindle bearings), produced using stainless steels and manufactured to the highest precision standards. The HQW range of spindle bearings covers sizes from 3mm inside diameter to 55mm outside diameter. Larger spindle bearings up to 180 mm outside diameter are manufactured by partner company, Barden UK.

Spindle ball bearings from HQW are characterised by a particularly long service life, extreme corrosion resistance and suitability for the highest speeds. This is acheived by utilising the extremely wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant material SV30 (X30CrMoN15-1), which is used as standard for HQW spindle bearings. Since product quality is of the utmost importance to us, all HQW bearings are assembled, greased, sealed and 100% noise-tested in our class 7 clean room.

Due to our flexible production and a large inventory of most spindle ball bearing types and their components  we can generally deliver bearings from stock. Where this isn't possible we boast short lead times and aim to meet the needs of our customers in all cases.

Almost all sizes of HQW spindle bearings are available with non-contact seals made from FKM and are manufactured in precision classes P4, P4S and P2. HQW spindle ball bearings comply with ISO 492 and DIN standard 620. More information on the precision classes is available in our tolerance tables.

Spindle ball bearing properties:

  • High-performance materials as standard for long service life and low wear.
  • Non-contact seals made of fluororubber (FKM) are available for almost all HQW spindle bearing types
  • Ceramic balls (silicon nitride - Si3N4) for hybrid spindle ball bearings allow a significant increase in speed with less wear
  • Contact angles of 15 ° and 25 ° for high axial loads and stiffness
  • Outside diameter from 6 to 180mm
  • Paired spindle ball bearings: universal, O, X and tandem arrangement
  • Preloads: L (light), M (medium), S (heavy) or application-specific according to customer requirements

For more information, please contact our application engineers or download our spindle bearing catalogue.


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