HQW Summer Party

5th Jul 2023

10 years Kürnach site
5 years HQW
75 years Barden
 HQW Sommerfest1
We had an amazing day filled with joy and sunshine at our company site in Kürnach, celebrating an unforgettable family summer party! It was wonderful to have colleagues from England, as well as friends and business partners, join us in the festivities.
The children had a great time with the exciting children's program. The surfboard simulator was a huge hit, as the little adventurers fearlessly took to the waves! They also transformed into colourful fantasy creatures and their favourite heroes with our talented face painter. The bouncy castle added to the fun, with children enjoying themselves to the max!
Of course, a summer festival wouldn't be complete without delicious food and refreshing drinks. From sweet to savoury, the big spread catered to every taste, and chilled drinks provided much-needed refreshment in the summer heat .
A big thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating this special event! Your presence made it even more memorable.