Special & customised ball bearings for every application

HQW Precision GmbH manufactures special ball bearings that are optimized for the application. Our application engineers take a holistic view of the application and work with the customer to develop the best technical and economic solution for the application. Our engineers look at a wide range of options to determine the correct bearing design for the application, including;

  1. Changed dimensions and / or tolerances
    1. Extended inner ring
    2. Extended outer ring
    3. Modified/tapered bore 
    4. Modified outer ring
    5. Deviating/narrow bore tolerances
    6. Deviating/narrow outer diameter tolerances
    7. Deviating/restricted radial play

For individual advice, please contact our application engineers!

  1. Super Duplex Bearings

Super duplex bearings are double-row deep groove ball bearings or angular contact ball bearings with a split inner ring or outer ring. With the split ring, a defined axial preload is set in the bearing, similar to a paired spindle ball bearing or paired deep groove ball bearing. This design makes handling and assembly easier compared with a bearing pair.

  1. Bearing Assemblies & Bearing Housings

Bearing assemblies are units consisting of several components. A typical bearing assembly consists of a shaft, several ball bearings, an intermediate ring and / or a spring for the preload and a housing. For more information, see Bearing Assemblies.

  1. Coated Special Ball Bearings
  • Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Corrosion-resistant, rust-proof ball bearings are available from HQW Precision in many designs. These are typically more costly than chrome steel bearings, however a cheaper alternative may be coated ball bearings made from carbon chrome steel.

  • Current Insulating Coatings

If current flows through a ball bearing, damage can be done to the raceway, balls or even the lubricant. There are several ways to prevent this problem. One of them is coating the inner or outer ring with a ceramic layer of up to 200 µm and thus isolating the bearing.

  • Coating as wear protection

There are many applications where lubrication is not recommended, e.g. in some vacuum applications where outgassing of the lubricant is not permitted under any circumstances. This means a certain minimum service life must still be acheived, even when running dry. In this case individual parts or the complete ball bearing can be coated to increase wear resistance.

  • Coatings as Lubricant

In applications where lubricants are not permitted, eg. aerospace, or applications in which the lubricants can become volatile, coatings based on MoS2 or gold and silver are used.

  1. Special bearings with special seals/shields
  • Shields with food approval (NSF-H1 & FDA)

Ball bearings with food grade lubricants are usually sufficient. However, for some applications the seal or shield also requires food grade approval. A possible solution here would be metal shields, however if contamination persists, seals should be used. HQW offers seals and shields with NSF-H1 & FDA approval. Ask our application engineers for more information.

  • Special ball bearings with electrically conductive seals

Electricity passing through the ball bearing can damage the raceway, balls and lubricant, which can lead to premature bearing failure. If the current is directed through the seal, this prevents bearing damage.

  • Special Bearings Sealed on One Side

Many end users buying sealed ball bearings willremove a one seal to reduce the friction of the bearing. HQW delivers this bearing with a single seal, enabling work and cost savings for the end user while ensuring that no dirt gets into the bearing. Seal removal is carried out in a class 7 clean room and at the same time, a milligram of lubricant can be introduced according to customer requirements.

  • Special bearings with different seals/shields

Contact seals cause high levels of friction in the bearing. In some applications it is enough to seal one side of the bearing with a contact seal.  Since the contacting seal has a significant influence on the friction of a ball bearing, the friction is almost halved in this instance.

  • Ball bearings with O-ring or snap ring grooves

To compensate for thermal expansion differentials (steel bearing + aluminum housing), special ball bearings with O-rings are used in the outer ring. HQW manufactures these products with grooves in the outer ring for both deep groove ball bearings and spindle ball bearings.


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